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Stablecoin backed 1-for-1 with Indian National Rupees

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What is TrueINR ?

TrueINR (TINR) is a fully decentralized, legally protected and transparently verified ERC-20, BEP-20, TRC-20 token. It is pegged to the Indian national Rupee and maintains a 1:1 ratio. You can always redeem 1 TINR for Indian Rupee 1.00, giving it a stable price.

Global Transactions

TINR token is designed to let funds move globally from your crypto wallet to other exchanges, businesses, and people.

Backed by Fiat Currency or its equivalent

Each TINR is backed by one INR or its rupee equivalent, which is held in a bank account.

Powered by Blockchain

TINR is supported by Ethereum, Binance & Tron Blockchain, so you can store it in any Degital wallet.

Stable Value

For customers with an INR bank account, 1 TINR can always be redeemed for 1 INR , giving it a stable price.

Legal Protection

Anyone who passes a standard KYC/AML check can redeem TrueINR for INR

1 to 1 parity

Every TrueINR is always 100% collateralized by INR, held in professional trust firms

Why use TrueINR ?

There exists a vast array of assets in the world which people freely choose as a store of value, a transactional medium, or an investment. We believe the blockchain is a better technology for transacting, storing, and accounting for these assets.

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Who's using TrueINR ?

Financial Services

Enter crypto markets without immediate exposure to BTC or ETH. Receipts and proof of ownership for your TrueINR tokens


Offer customers a stablecoin they can trust. Use TrueINR as an alternative to traditional currency purchase methods

Crypto Traders

Hedge against volatility in the crypto market. Move money into crypto without immediate exposure to BTC or ETH


Online purchases, salaries, escrow, and loans are enabled through price stability, enabling the mainstream adoption of digital currencies

Meet the people behind TrueINR

Prakash Taank
Founder & CEO

Viresh Pratap Singh​
Co-Founder & COO


Aditya Vyas​

Rahul Bhadouria​


Frequently Asked Questions

TrueINR was introduced in early 2020. It was designed to be simple, transparent and reliable stablecoin..

           TrueINR’s INR holdings may be distributed in various bank accounts that belong to different companies.
The involved parties have signed an agreement to publish the collateralized holdings regularly and conduct monthly audits. The token uses multiple escrow accounts to lower counterparty risk and provide holders legal protection against theft.

The core problem TrueINR is helping solve is digitising money. The current physical money in its traditional form is limited to geographical use. There have been growths in online money solutions however those are mere reflections of the traditional money only. Though such solutions are surely appreciable, however TrueINR is a radical upgrade to this solution which makes money truly usable on the internet! On-ramping traditional money on the blockchain results in seamless flow of funds over the internet. TrueINR is a premier solution that offers this as a service.

All TrueINR’s are pegged at 1-to-1 with a matching fiat Indian Rupee (e.g., 1 TINR = 1 INR) and are backed 100% by actual currency reserves. As a fully transparent company, TrueINR has plans to publish a audited timely record of our bank balances and the value of reserves it holds.